We’ve been getting our ducks in a row behind the scenes, including agreeing on a joint governance structure, setting up a council staff working group, writing project plans and working out timelines.

We are now in the community collaboration phase of the project.

Your community panel has been established and they are meeting monthly. View more information on who they are and what they are all about.

We’ve completed a Social Impact Assessment. The key objectives for this work are:

  • A clearer understanding of social issues and impacts;
  • Meaningful engagement with community stakeholders; and
  • Analysis of social outcomes that would occur if there were no human intervention to address natural hazards.

View the Social Impact Assessment (1MB).

We’ve also been improving our knowledge about hazards in the area.

Coastal inundation, coastal erosion and river flooding are considered the priority hazards to address for the Kaiaua area.

We commissioned Dr Terry Hume of Hume Consulting Limited to carry out an independent technical assessment of existing coastal hazard information for the community plan area.
Initial work provides an updated scientific and technical assessment of coastal processes and explores possible management options for the Kaiaua/Miranda coastline to inform community consultation and strategy. The assessment is based on previous studies, new information, a site visit, the authors experience in coastal processes and discussions with staff. The technical assessment does not provide specific advice on solutions to issues at specific sites as these are expected to be the product of the plan process and community consultation.

The draft coastal hazard assessment has been substantially completed and will shortly be peer reviewed by an independent expert. View the draft coastal hazard assessment  (5MB)

A flood hazard assessment of Hauarahi Stream is also being prepared.

Waikato regional hazards portal

The regional council holds information on natural hazards that you can access from their Waikato Regional Hazards Portal. You can use the map to zoom into the area you want to look at and then click through the hazard tabs to see which natural hazards are present in your area and what this means. Also on the portal is the Coastal Inundation tool, which allows you to view the effects of different sea levels resulting from storm surge and sea level rise.