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Community Panel

It is recommended that these two reports be read together. The Community Panel Recommendations Report sets out the Community Panel’s goals, values, approach and recommendations. The Companion report gives a project overview, provides detailed technical information, and covers the process of setting up the community panel and where it fits in the overall project.

  1. Community Panel Recommendations Report  (7MB)
  2. Companion Report to the Community Panel Recommendations Report  (3MB)

Project vision and key themes

  1. Wharekawa Coast 2120 Project vision and objectives (26KB)
  2. Wharekawa Coast 2120 Project themes and goals (182KB)

Natural hazard reports

  1. Coastal processes report (Dr Terry Hume) (6 MB)
  2. Rapid flood hazard assessment of Hauarahi Stream, Kaiaua (DRAFT) (4 MB)
  3. Climate driven river flooding (Jonathan Chambers) (2 MB)
  4. Wider River Flood Assessment report  (6 MB)

Impact assessment

  1. Natural hazards social impact assessment (Cerasela Stancu)  (1 MB)
  2. Ecological values assessment (WRC) (1.3 MB)

Risk assessment

  1. Wharekawa Coast 2120: Natural hazard risk assessment | Waikato Regional Council (10 MB)
  2. Natural hazards risk assessment summary report (2 MB) 
  3. Compartment map (336 KB)
  4. Memo – Compartment methodology (523 KB)

Waikato regional hazards portal

The regional council holds information on natural hazards that you can access from their Waikato Regional Hazards Portal. You can use the map to zoom into the area you want to look at and then click through the hazard tabs to see which natural hazards are present in your area and what this means. Also on the portal is the Coastal Inundation tool, which allows you to view the effects of different sea levels resulting from storm surge and sea level rise.