Workshop 1

Panel Orientation

What is happening?

Workshop 2

Natural Hazards

Workshop 3

Site Visit/Hikoi

Workshop 3a

Site Visit/Hikoi #2

What matters most?

Workshop 4

What Matters?

Workshop 5

Goal setting and stakeholders/partners

Workshop 6

Natural Hazard Risk Assessment

Workshop 7

Natural Hazard Risk – introduction to Adaptive Pathways

Workshop 8

Natural Hazard Risk – options for response

Key Community input – Natural Hazards and what’s important

What can we do about it?

Workshop 9

Options assessment criteria and mock MCDA exercise

Workshop 10

Finalise options for assessment, confirm options assessment criteria and weightings

Key Community input – What can we do about it?

Workshop 11

Options evaluation

What are we going to do?

Workshop 12

Selecting pathways

Workshop 13

Selecting thresholds/ signals/ triggers/ implementation

Workshop 14

What are we going to do?

Workshop 15

DRAFT Community Plan recommendations

Workshop 16

FINAL Community Plan recommendations