The Community Panel is a key component in the collaborative process to develop Wharekawa Coast 2120. The Panel will consider a broad range of issue and, with technical support and advice, develop recommendations to the Joint Working Party, that will inform the shape, content and direction of Wharekawa Coast 2120.

How the Community Panel works

Community Panel Members

  • Allan Yee
  • Gay Rawiri (Chair)
  • Hera Clark
  • John Waata
  • Jonathan Paul Clark
  • Kristelle Wi
  • Lorna Ratahi
  • Ria Brejaart
  • Rodger Barlow
  • Stephen Cooper
  • Sue Harris
  • Tania Donovan
  • Toni Kereama

Community Panel Reports

It is recommended that these two reports be read together. The Community Panel Recommendations Report sets out the Community Panel’s goals, values, approach and recommendations. The Companion report gives a project overview, provides detailed technical information, and covers the process of setting up the community panel and where it fits in the overall project.

  1. Community Panel Recommendations Report  (7MB)
  2. Companion Report to the Community Panel Recommendations Report  (3MB)